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11/9/2004 - Interpol @ 9:30 Club - Washington, DC

Like Muse the night before, my first live introduction to Interpol was at the Curiosa festival earlier in the summer. The big difference was that Interpol was on the main stage, rather than the side stage. They really stepped-up to the plate and put on a great show that day. My hopes were high for the 9:30 show. They ended up being pretty good, but there was no real "wow" factor at play here. They faithfully played the songs and gave us our money's worth. They were absolutely worth seeing, but I thought the Curiosa set was better. Maybe at Curiosa they knew they had to try harder to win over some new fans, while at 9:30 they were playing to a devoted sold-out crowd. Anyway - It was a good show, but twice in one year was plenty. I ended up skipping them the last time they came through town. I'd like to see them again now, but they've probably hit that level where I'm not willing to put up with an annoying, oversold club show, yet I don't think they're worth the larger venue prices. Who knows - maybe I'll change my mind whenever they turn up again.

My original review for this one is here.

11/9/2006 Rustbuckit @ The Red And The Black - Washington, DC

This is the only show I've seen at The Red And The Black. Tiny, tiny, tiny venue. My second Rustbuckit show. There were maybe 15 people there, which meant it was kind of crowded. They sounded better than the 1st time - and they continue to get better with each show. Boyd gave me a free beer at this one. I'm a big fan of bribing your audience with free drinks. :)

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