Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Cinco De Mayo

This has nothing to do with Cinco de Mayo, but it seemed like an appropriate title.

Don't really have a lot to say. Been laying low lately. Work tends to suck these days. Too many tasks are top priority and had to be done yesterday. blah blah blah. Everyone's story. I need a vacation.

Now Playing: Q And Not U's Different Damage. You should probably buy it from here though. I'll probably go to their Black Cat show next week.

I found out today that my dad is in the hospital. That sucks. He's got pneumonia. He got it last year and almost didn't make it. It's not nearly as bad this time, thank God. My heart fell like a fucking rock when my mom told me. Every time she calls me at work I get this overwhelming feeling like "this is the call." My parents really aren't in that bad of shape, health-wise. But I know if they call me at work something is really wrong. I talked to my dad tonight though. Sounds like they're sending him home tomorrow. Whew.

BF is turning into a real estate tycoon. He's gonna rule at this job.

What's your pimp name?

Upcoming shows I may or may not be going to:
WSC @ The Cat
Bowie @ Patriot Center

Lollapalooza actually sounds interesting this year. The first day has Morrissey, BRMC, Broken Social Scene, The Walkmen, Sonic Youth and more. I may actually have to go to that one. I'm probably in the minority in that I'm glad it's at Merriweather. This old man need to sit down a lot on a long day like that - lol.

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