Saturday, March 31, 2007


For Callum

As Pitchfork recently reported, Catlick Records just put out a 2-disc benefit cd entitled For Callum, to help pay the bills for Callum Robbins' medical issues. Callum is the son of J. Robbins - a mainstay in the dc-area music scene for some 20-plus years. He was a member of Government Issue, Jawbox, Channels and a bunch of other bands, as well as produced records by the likes of The Dismemberment Plan, The Promise Ring and The Oranges Band.

The disc includes a bunch of local artists as well as some out-of-town folks - Maritime, Travis Morrison, Joe Lally, Mission Of Burma, The Oranges Band, Medications, J's own Channels and a bunch more. There's a mix of album tracks, demos, live material and other previously unreleased stuff here. It's a fantastic compilation in it's own right - the fact that 100% of the proceeds go directly to Callum's medical fund makes it a no-brainer to pick this up.

The discs are dirt-cheap and the money goes to a great cause. Oh - and it doesn't suck at all.

Buy it here.

Donate directly to Callum's fund here.

Friday, March 30, 2007


Give Up The Funk

When I'm cranky or depressed, only one thing can set me straight - more music. It's probably just an excuse, but it usually works.

But I'll save you the lame reviews of bands I've seen recently (The Who, Scissor Sisters, The Ponys, +/-, Mew, Oh No Oh My, Ted Leo, The Black Lips, Say Hi To Your Mom) or music I've bought/downloaded (The Ponys, Human Sexual Response, Ted Leo, The Rakes, a bunch of bootlegs off of Dime, some Husker Du demos/outtakes), or even raving about upcoming shows I'm seeing (like The Stooges, The Dismemberment Plan, Grandmaster Flash, Bloc Party, Ben Gibbard, The Fleshtones, et al).

No, there's really only one thing that stands above the rest that could pull me out of my funk.

Yesterday I bought a ticket to see Pat Benatar. Nothing but Gold Circle for me, baby.

Suddenly, I know it's all going to be ok.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Beatnik Flies and Ponys

I don't know much about this, other than what's listed here, but I love me some Beatnik Flies. Old-school DC fun. Apparently, they're still recording and playing out. You can get a taste of them here.

Completely unrelated to that...I'll be at The Ponys show at The Black Cat tonight. I bought the ticket on a whim and I've been totally digging Turn The Lights Out this week. They were pretty impressive when they opened for Bloc Party a couple years back, so I expect a great show. Bring on the rock.

I'll be the bitter, cranky, drunk, old guy in the back. hrmph.

Friday, March 16, 2007



Thursday, March 08, 2007


You say it's your birthday

Everyone be sure to wish my boy Dinger a Happy Birthday today.

Feel free to buy him drinks too. I'll take care of the spankings.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


WSC / Scissor Sisters

We caught Washington Social Club at a Positive Force benefit for Empower DC last night. Great time. We got there in time to catch a few songs by These United States, who are really growing on me. They've got a rootsy, almost southern vibe to them, but they still bring the rock. Indie rock with the occasional banjo. What's not to love.

It's great to see WSC at a gig like this. They played at St. Stephen's Church on 16th Street. Small, dark stage - lit only by a single florescent light off to the side of the stage. Maybe 80 people there? I'm terrible at the numbers thing. Mostly new material, which sounds terrific. They really brought it, despite the fact that their regular drummer wasn't there. Some little cutie named Ian did a good job of filling in.

I love shows like this where you aren't packed-in with tons of drunks, shoving their way through the crowd as if you weren't there, with people who insist on yakking in your ear while the band plays, or with dozens of pushy Jennifers who think nothing of shoving you out of the way at the bar or smacking you with their purse all night.

However, I fully expect tonight's Scissor Sisters crowd to be all of the above, literally 10-times-over. And it will be fab-u-lous. I understand there may be a gay or two in the crowd. I'll see if I can spot one.

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