Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Court upholds Md. gay marriage ban


The court also found that the state has an interest in promoting procreation and that the General Assembly "has not acted wholly unreasonably in granting recognition to the only relationship capable of bearing children traditionally within the marital unit."

Yeah - Well FUCK YOU, too.

Monday, September 17, 2007



Brett Somers
7/11/24 - 9/15/07



Metal Machine Music


Reviewing Lou Reed's infamous Metal Machine Music:

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Ow, quit it., November 10, 2003
By David Kenner (Fort Worth, Texas United States) - See all my reviews
Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it.
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Sunday, September 16, 2007


Hunters And Gatherers

Best. Blog. Ever. (until my picture shows up)

Probably NSFW, btw.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Wanna See Van Halen?

I decided that I'm broke and can't afford to go see Van Halen, so I'm selling my tickets. I figured I'd offer them here before heading to Craigslist.

Van Halen
Verizon Center, Washington, DC
11/01/07 - 07:30 PM

Two floor seats - Section 4 - near the back. I just want what I paid for them. They're hard tickets - not that email crap.

Face + TicketBastard charges = $343.

Send me an email, if you're interested.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Weekend Stuff

Well...I survived the first week of my new 7:00am start time at work. We'll see how Monday goes, considering I'm hitting 3 different shows this weekend.

Friday was the return of 9353. I've waited years for this. Oh, so good. Rustbuckit opened and was a rollicking good time, as always. To be honest, I skipped most of King Giant's set. I was getting bored just standing around by myself, so I headed over to Nellie's, where I could stand on the outdoor deck, have a drink and look at cute boys. I did make it back in time to catch the last 2 King Giant songs. Very powerful stuff, but not really my thing. My condolences to the band, their families and friends.

9353 didn't disappoint. They've added a second guitar player and sounded great. Lots of familiar stuff and some stuff I didn't know. Dressed in suits and ties for the occasion, they opened with "Famous Last Words", which was a bit of a mixed blessing. Fun to open with what might be considered their signature song, but sound problems marred it a little. Still - A great opener and they eventually got the sound worked out. I was sort of surprised to get "Born To Be Wild", but thrilled to hear it. The crowd seemed to love it all. It was a bit weird to see everyone so happy (including the band). I almost feel like that 9353 and their fans should be perpetually gloomy, pretty f-cked-up, with a bit of uneasiness and the feeling that something could go horribly wrong at any minute. No complaints here though. I hope they stick around for a while.

Saturday brought a surprise show by Washington Social Club at the Rock and Roll Hotel. The late announcement resulted in a sparse, but appreciative crowd. Lots of room to dance and lots of interaction between the band and crowd. Just like the good old days.

Tonight brings the Meat Puppets to town. Complete with both Kirkwood brothers. It's been a while since they've toured together. Been looking forward to this one for a while. The Meat Puppets were one of the first bands I saw at the old 9:30 Club, back in '85. Damn I'm getting old.

(Dinger took the awesome picture of Olivia.)

Friday, September 07, 2007


Famous Last Words

It's OK
It's not loaded
I'm a good driver
Don't worry, Honey

(repeat 500x)

- "Famous Last Words" - 9353

The Return of 9353. Tonight at 9:30 with King Giant and Rustbuckit.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Black Cat Hoodoo Throwdown

The Hoodoo Gurus rocked hard last night. Definitely worth being a little tired today. The Black Cat was sadly empty - maybe 50% full. The Gurus didn't seem to care. They brought the rock and gave us a helluva show. I could have used a few more songs from the first two records, but I really have no complaints. Everything they played, they played to the hilt. Great show. Add them to the list of reunions that don't suck.

The setlist on the right has the first song cut off ("I Want You Back") and it's missing the encores ("Axegrinder", "My Girl" and some tune I didn't know). "Miss Freelove '69" was the definite highlight for me. Psychedelic-Funky madness.

I caught the last few songs by The Fake Accents. They were ridiculously loud. I was thrilled when they were finished. If they hadn't finished when they did, I probably would have gone downstairs to avoid the noise. It's a shame, because I liked what I heard. They seem like a decent band. But after about 10 minutes, I just couldn't stand it any longer. If you're good, you don't need to be that loud.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


What's My Scene?

We've got new work hours, starting today. The good news is I now get a full hour for lunch. The bad news is that I have to be there at 7-friggin' a.m. Ugh. If I can workout during my lunch hour and actually leave the office at 4:00, it might not be so bad. It's going to suck on show nights though.

Speaking of which...I have tickets to 2 different concerts tonight. I was pretty excited about seeing Editors and bought a ticket immediately. Later, the Hoodoo Gurus announced they were coming to The Black Cat. The Gurus rarely play the US these days - the last time being in the early 90s. I haven't seen them since '86, when I saw them open for The Bangles. I have a feeling this is probably my last chance to catch them, so I'm going for it. I'm sure Editors will be back relatively soon.

The Hoodoo Gurus are yet another example of a band where everybody that knows their music absolutely loves them. Unfortunately, they never got much attention over here and have gone largely unnoticed, except for a few minor alternative-radio hits. They're huge in their homeland of Australia, but virtually unknown here. It's a shame, because they're a great band. Stoneage Romeos is an '80s classic. "I Want You Back" is pop perfection. I defy you to not shake your ass a little when they play "Miss Freelove '69". Tonight is guaranteed to be great.

I expect to be very, very tired tomorrow.

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