Monday, September 15, 2008



9/15/97 - George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars

I was going through a big P-Funk phase and decided I needed to see them every chance I got. This was my 4th time. They never disappoint. I'm sure it was at least 3 hours long. Everybody needs to see P-Funk at least once. I need to go see them again soon. It's been to long. I need to get funked-up.

9/15/98 - The Allman Brothers Band @ The Classic Amphitheater - Richmond, VA

With The Grateful Dead no longer around, The Allmans became our band-of-choice to follow around. Dinger was out of town for work, so I had planned on skipping this one. But after those Fox shows we saw the previous week in Atlanta, I couldn't stay away. I waited for the ticket drop the day before the show...picked up a 12th row seat and drove by myself down to Richmond. The amphitheater is fairly small, by most standards. I don't remember many specifics from the show itself, but I remember thinking how glad I was that I went. Stopped at Waffle House on the way home. mmm....I love The Waffle House. And I was still home in bed before 1am. Excellent.

9/15/05 - Peelander Z/Bang! Bang!/Kung-Fu Dykes

My previous review here. According to that one, I have pics somewhere. I guess I should try to dig those up. Summary: Peelander were their usual wacky selves. Bowling...lots of crowd participation..."Medium Rare!"...great time. Bang! Bang! is still one of my favorite dance-punk-sex-rock bands. They tend to sneak in to town when I'm not paying attention though. I gotta keep a close eye on them. I remember being disappointed that they didn't have any new music for sale this time. I love them, but I didn't really feel the need to buy Bang! Bang! panties. Check them out if you can. Everywhere they go it's a full-on party. Tons-O-Fun, guaranteed. Kung-Fu Dykes were a disaster, due to them blowing the power repeatedly. Imagine a day-glo Gwar with Silly String trying to operate off of an overloaded power-strip. Kind of fun. Kind of like they were trying too hard. That's not really fair though. They're probably lots of fun when everything works right.

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