Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It's been a very quiet week. Thank God. I've been wiped out lately.

The Peelander-Z show was tons of fun, but went on way too late for a school night. I'm too old to hang around on a Thursday night until 12:30am waiting for the headliner to come on. We were just about to bail when they finally hit the stage. I guess I can't blame anyone for the late start though. I got there very early. At the posted start time (9 or 9:30, depending on your source) there were maybe 10 people in the club, including members of the other bands. I think Kung-Fu Dykes came on a little after 10:00. I can understand not wanting to play to an empty room. Still, it makes me more hesitant to head out to DC9 on a school night.

The Peelander set was exactly like the last one I saw. Same schtick. Same songs. Same bowling. It's impossible not to have fun watching them though. They're just so damn silly. Everyone should see them once. Once may be enough though. I may post some pics later. They need a little Photoshopping before they're ready to go.

Kung-Fu Dykes weren't too impressive. I'll cut them some slack though. They were having lots of technical problems. They kept tripping a power strip or a breaker that was shutting down their lights (critical for displaying their blacklight/day-glo costumes and make-up) and (I think) their drum track. At one point they stopped for a full 5 minutes to work on things. Even after it was "fixed", it would cut-out at least once or twice per song. There's not enough Silly String or smoke around to make up for that.

Bang! Bang!, on the other hand, totally rocked my world. No gimmicks. No schtick. Just kick-ass dance-rock. I totally dig these guys. Fun to watch, but even better to hear. I can't say that about the other two bands that played. I highly recommend the "Electric Sex" EP.

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