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9/6/88 - Grateful Dead @ The Capital Centre. My fourth show and the last one of the run. Again - no repeats from the other 3 nights. Amazing. Probably the most mellow show of the run. A nice way to wind down the run of shows. Tonight we got both "Cumberland" and "Beat It On Down The Line"...two songs I'd rarely see again. I'm completely hooked by this point. Now I'm trying to figure out when I can see them again - as soon as possible.

I took my friend Cathy to this show. I had known Cathy all through high school. She ended up dating a college friend of mine for quite a long time. Unfortunately, that ended after a couple years and the ensuing breakup kind of split us all apart. We all probably could have handled that a lot better nowadays, but we were young and stupid and eventually lost touch. I'm kind of embarrassed about that. I really miss her sometimes.

9/6/92 - B-52's/Violent Femmes @ Merriweather. I can't remember for sure, but I think this was during the crappy "Good Stuff" period. I may be wrong about that though. Fun show. The B's are the perfect band to see on a hot, sweaty summer night. I remember being pretty amazed that people were loving the Violent Femmes. It's like they became big alternative stars nearly 10 years after their first record came out. I remember my friend Mike nearly getting into a fight when he tried to play one of their songs at a frat party back in 84 or so.

9/6/98. Back to the Fabulous Fox to see the Allman Brothers again. Way back in the 4th row this time. :) More of the same, which means they were f--king fantastic. Hometown show...beautiful theater... right down front...another amazing show.

9/6/06 - Radio Birdman @ The Black Cat. Old posts here and here. These guys don't get the credit they deserve. They were around at the same time as The Ramones - if not earlier. Were they not mostly ignored because of being stuck down under, they'd be considered one of the all-time greats. The show was terrific. They haven't lost much in their 30+ years. Their first US tour ever. EVER. How weird is that? Do yourself a favor and check them out.

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