Friday, September 14, 2007


Wanna See Van Halen?

I decided that I'm broke and can't afford to go see Van Halen, so I'm selling my tickets. I figured I'd offer them here before heading to Craigslist.

Van Halen
Verizon Center, Washington, DC
11/01/07 - 07:30 PM

Two floor seats - Section 4 - near the back. I just want what I paid for them. They're hard tickets - not that email crap.

Face + TicketBastard charges = $343.

Send me an email, if you're interested.

I thought they weren't playing in our area? But that's more than I'm willing to spend, anyhow! Good luck!
Thanks - They added DC about a week after they announced the original list of dates. We weren't part of the original announcement.
Three hundred and forty three dollars.

What's the emoticon for when your jaw drops? I actually understand in a way - not to the extent Three Hundred and Forty Three Dollars, but buying concert tickets then immediately realizing you've overpaid and want to return them.
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