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Late January Stuff

Holy crap there are a lot of shows to cover for the end of January. I'm gonna have to spread this one out over a couple posts.

1/25/86 Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble/Fabulous Thunderbirds @ University Hall - UVA - Charlottesville, VA

I was one of the few guys in my fraternity that had a car. When it came time for our pledges to go on their bolt, they asked me to drive them. The deal was that they pay for gas and all of my food and drink for the weekend and in return I'd drive them to UVA. Sounded good to me. Off we went.

My friend Tom and I found a local paper and started looking for things to do. As luck would have it SRV was playing that night. Much to our amazement it wasn't sold out. We got there early and for a measly $10 we found ourselves 10 feet from the stage, directly in front of Stevie.

The show was just ridiculous. The man was amazing. It was one of those nights where you just stood and stared and occasionally remembered to pick your jaw up off the floor. I feel incredibly lucky that I just happened to stumble into this show. I have no idea what he played or what he was touring for. I just remember being completely awestruck. I should see if there's a recording of this out there.

The Fabulous T-Birds opened. I didn't know Stevie's brother was in the band at the time, so I thought it was an odd pairing at first. They kicked some ass though. Don't judge them by that "Tuff Enuff" song. They were quite the rockin' band.

1/27/88 The Meatmen @ 9:30 Club Washington, DC

This show was billed as their "Final Appearance". I'm not sure how long that lasted, but they're definitely still around. They were supposedly recording a live album, too, but I'm not sure if that ever came out. Typical dirty, rockin' Meatmen gig. Fun was had by all.

1/25/03 Camper Van Beethoven @ 9:30 Club Washington, DC

This was the big CVB reunion tour. I was a big fan of the first couple records back in the early/mid-80s. I saw them a few times back then (including once opening for R.E.M.) and they were always great, but I lost track of them after college. There was a lot of hype about this show. They were fun, but there was so much material I didn't know, I found myself wanting more. It was good to see them, although I don't think I need to do it again. Maybe if they just play Telephone Free Landslide Victory from start-to-finish (minus bonus tracks) with an "Interstellar Overdrive" encore. That would get me there for sure. They're still around. I think they were here a week or two ago.

1/22/04 Washington Social Club/Peelander-Z Velvet Lounge Washington, DC

Everyone should see Peelander-Z once. "Japanese Action Comic Punk." Once may be enough, but I guarantee it's a show you'll never forget. This was one of our earlier WSC shows. Tiny venue. Lots of dancing. Great party. It was great being able to watch them grow from small venues like this to selling out The Black Cat and even doing a decent job of filling 9:30. God I miss them. Still a little bitter about not getting a farewell show. hrmph.

1/21/05 Dave Attell @ DC Improv - Washington, DC

My first trip to a comedy club. I think I almost peed myself I was laughing so hard. I totally wish Insomniac had come to DC. My original review mentions that this was the first stand-up comic I had seen, but I forgot about seeing Robin Williams back in the 80s. oops.

1/22/05 Hoover/Medications/City Goats @ Black Cat Washington, DC

Great bill, but I found myself bored with Hoover by the end of the night. I'll chalk that up to sitting through all 3 bands alone and not being familiar with Hoover's material. I left early.

Are City Goats still around? They were fun. I wouldn't mind seeing them again.

My original thoughts on both the Hoover and Dave Attell gigs can be found here.

1/25/05 Carlsonics/(The Sounds Of) Kaleidoscope @ DC9 - Washington, DC

The Carlsonics were a hard-rocking garage-type band that used to play around town a lot. I seem to recall this being part of a month long residency @ DC9. I could be wrong about that. This was the last time I saw them. I wish I had seen them more before they broke up. Check out their cd. Gritty rock-and-roll goodness.

TSOK still pop-up every now and then. Psychedelic Indie Rock. Good stuff. It's been too long since I've seen them. This show was a great double-bill.

More "End of January Stuff" to come...

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