Monday, January 24, 2005

I'm at work, so this is gonna be quick.

I wussed-out on Casual Dots because of the snow and the inauguration. In reality I was just tired and lazy.

We went to see Dave Attell at the Improv on Friday. My first time seeing a stand-up comic live. He was friggin' hilarious. If only the lame-ass hecklers were half as funny. Dave said he'd love to do Insomniac here in DC, but a little thing called 9-11 happened and they haven't been able to get approval to do the show.

I was determined to get to a show on Saturday. I hadn't been to any so far in 2005. I made it down to The Black Cat for Hoover/Medications/City Goats. There was actually a coat check at The Cat. I've only seen that once before. I hope they keep it. City Goats were really good. They've been on my short-list for a few months now, but I've never managed to catch them until Saturday. Interesting line-up with 2 basses. One of the bassists works as a bartender at the club. He's adorable. I'm not sure if I'd pay to see them headline yet, but if they're opening for someone, I'd definitely show up early enough to catch them.

As expected, Medications totally kicked my ass. WSC is still my favorite DC band, but Medications may actually be the best band in town. I actually stood right up front for their set. I never do that. I'm always hanging out in the back. I didn't want to miss a thing. These guys are terrific.

The recently reunited Hoover was the headliner. I had only heard about them - never actually heard any of their music. Quite frankly, I thought they were a bit boring. Maybe it was because I was expecting something a little heavier, but I was pretty bored after about 5 songs. I left early. Probably my loss.

Bonus of the evening: They were selling the "Burn To Shine" DVD at the merch table. Sweet. It officially comes out tomorrow. Highly recommended.

Celebrity Sighting: Ian
Decided to swing by Blowoff before heading home. Not as crowded as I remember it, but that's probably because of the weather. Didn't stay long, but it was cool - as usual. I need to convince the BF to go there more often.

Where were the hecklers at Attell? I was up over by the potter so I guess I was distracted by that. That Sean Rouse guy was ridiculously funny...
There was a guy directly to the left of the stage at the table next to me. He wasn't a "You suck!" type of heckler, but rather a total drunk that wanted to be way too involved in the show. He seemed to think that everything Dave said required some sort of personal response from him. This was during the late show on Friday. That other comic that opened was very funny, but in a really uncomfortable and disturbing kind of way.
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