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10/7/05 - Bob Mould @ 9:30 - Washington, DC

I think this was Bob's first big rock show since moving to DC. All the boys were there. Interesting mix of people. Lots of indie types that seemed a little confused by all the gays. Lots of the Blowoff crowd that seemed a little surprised by how hard Bob rocked. Fantastic show. He definitely bumped things up a notch from the previous night in Philly. This was the gig used for the highly-recommended Circle of Friends dvd. More details at my original post here.

10/7/07 - Two Gallants/Blitzen Trapper/Songs For Moms @ Rock And Roll Hotel - Washington, DC

I didn't know anything about any of these bands. I was just in a pissy mood that night - fighting with Dinger and I needed to get out of the house. I don't remember being terribly impressed with any of them, but I also stuck around for all of them - so they had to be entertaining. Otherwise I would have left. I vaguely recall thinking Blitzen Trapper was the best of the bunch, but I probably wasn't the best audience that night. shrug. No stub. Paid at the door.

10/7/08 - The Redsidents @ 9:30

Back when I was in college, whenever I wanted to scare people I'd put on The Residents. It's a great way to clear the room fast.

The Residents recently made their way through town on their Bunny Boy tour. To be honest - I was a little disappointed. For the first half of the show the band was setup in some sort of shell on the right side of the stage, while the narrator - looking like a homeless guy wrapped in a blanket - ran back and forth telling the story and singing a few songs. They're show a few videos periodically, helping along the story of the narrator's brother getting lost and the ongoing search for clues, but that was pretty much it. The second half of the show was pretty much the same, except now the narrator was dressed in a bunny suit - still running back and forth - and there was a cot on the left side of the stage, where he'd take a nap when some more videos played. The End.

Here's a picture of the band in the shell. Note that the shell was pretty much completely dark for most of the show. It was never lit up like this, so you could rarely see the band.

The story wasn't terribly interesting and I got lost about 15 minutes from the end. The show was visually uninteresting and the songs all sounded pretty much the same after a while. meh.

I love The Residents and always look forward to seeing them. I loved them the last couple times I saw them. Bunny Boy just left me cold.

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I've used that tactic to get rid of people too.
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