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Slim pickin's today.

9/9/04 - Les Savy Fav @ The Black Cat I didn't know anything by them (him?) going into this one. The music was tons of fun, but the over-the-top antics got old after a bit. The crowd was eating it up though. I was definitely in the minority in that opinion. My original review blames my opinion on the fact that I was alone and didn't know the material. Maybe. I've been meaning to actually check out their records, but I never seem to get around it. I'm still not terribly inspired to do so.

9/9/07 Meat Puppets/The Comas/Jay Reatard @ The Black Cat

For some reason I never reviewed this when it happened. Bad blogger. This show was criminally underattended. The return of both Kirkwoods was a welcome reunion, indeed. What a great band this is. Psychedelic hardcore country brilliance. They played a mix of old and new and it all sounded fantastic. Thanks to Nirvana on MTV's Unplugged, Meat Puppets II is finally getting the attention it deserves. I saw these guys a couple times at the old 9:30 Club on F St. and they remain some of my favorite shows from the old club. They may not have the fury they used to - but they can bring it when they need to.

And if that wasn't enough...Jay Reatard brought his sonic onslaught as the opener. This guy is awesome. I can only imagine this is what early Ramones shows were like. 1-2 minute blasts of fast, loud mayhem, no breaks between songs and an 11 song set is finished in about 20 minutes.

This is one of those shows people will look back on and think "Damn - what a great bill." Too bad only a couple hundred people (at most) got to see it.

Unrelated: R.E.M.'s "9-9" is a great song.

Take it from the kid who led you to Galaxie 500 - you need to own LSF's "Inches." A singles collection with their best work (and incidentally that set was quite heavy with them). I really liked that show. - David
Well, hello stranger. Thanks for the tip. That may be enough to make me check it out. Hope all is well with you.
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