Tuesday, September 14, 2004


last week's shows

After last week's non-stop show-fest, it's kind of nice to have a little downtime. Nothing really planned until the weekend. hmmmmm - Maybe I'll go see "After The Salad Days" tonight at The Black Cat. It's billed as: "a look at the last five years of DC's hardcore punk scene." hmmmm - the last 5 years meaning 2000-2004, or the last 5 years it was relevant, like 1983-1986? I may check it out.

A quick review of last week:

Sun: Had the folks over for a cookout. My mom/dad and BF's mom. Good day, but it ended later than we expected. Decided to skip Taint. I'm determined to make it next time.

Tues: Went to see Festival Express at AFI. Awesome. Travelling from show to show on a train with The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Buddy Guy, The Band and others. I could have watched Janis all night. It's still playing for a couple more days. I can't recommend it enough. Once again, they wouldn't accept my AFI member passes. I'm starting to think that giving passes to members is just a sham to get people to join. I guess it worked. Oh yeah, Ian MacKaye was there the night I went. I was gonna ask him when The Evens' record was coming out, but I just left him alone.

Wed: I was considering checking out The Rosebuds at DC9, but I heard they cancelled. Went to The Eagle instead. Wednesdays at The Eagle can be quite the eye-opening experience, to say the least. No, I did not enter the contest.

Thurs: Les Savy Fav at The Black Cat. I had a decent time, but I was a little disappointed. The wacky singer was a little too wacky for me. The antics got a little old. They were rockin' though. The crowd was really into it. I think I would have enjoyed this one more if 1) I was more familiar with their songs, and 2) I wasn't hanging out alone. I don't mind going to shows alone, but it can get a bit boring if you're not really into the band. I left before they came back for the encore.

Fri: Snow Patrol at 9:30. The kiddies all turned-out for this one. Sold-out. Missed Eisley. Went to a friend's birthday party instead. This was a fun show. The crowd was LOVING it. Singing along with every song. We may have been the oldest folks in the room. Lots of guys giving the horns and yelling about how much they fucking roooooooled!!!!! Watched a girl dry-hump her boyfriend right in front of me. She was facing him and grinding like she was humping a stripper pole. I don't blame her. He was hot as hell. He seemed to enjoy it, even though his eyes never left the band and he sang along the whole time. Good show. If you like their CDs, you'd like them live. Not a bad way to start the weekend at all. Boyfriend went to this one with me. That's always a plus.

Sat: Guided By Voices/Tommy Keene at 9:30. I love Tommy Keene. Great songwriter and DC legend. He's been on my "I gotta go see him someday" list for about 15 years. He did not disappoint.

Supposedly, this is GBV's last tour. See 'em while you can. I'm not too familiar with them, but I figured it was my last chance, so I went. Had a great time. Definitely the best show of the weekend. I didn't think I'd be able to make it through a 3-hour show of mostly unknown material, but I managed. Damn, can they drink. They were pounding beer and what looked like whiskey non-stop all-night. The bass-player had to leave twice to take a leak, prompting Pollard to get the crowd cheering "bladder-boy" until he came back. Great, catchy pop songs. The crowd spent most of the night singing along and pouring beers on each other. Tommy Keene came out for most of the encore. Great night of rock and roll. Anyone who can keep my attention for 3 hours gets props from me. It's probably too late, but see these guys while you still can.

Blowoff between sets and after the show. I gotta start going to Blowoff early, when they're playing the more rocking stuff.

Sun: Day of rest. Naps are good.

I thought Les Savy Fav were amazing, but then again I was tanked. I was worried that Tim's "antics" were going to be the only show, but the band has decent live chops (although I think they're best on record). Also, Blowoff was a fucking blast, but then again I was tanked. The "rock stuff" was great: Q and Not U, Interpol, British Sea Power, etc. Come earlier, stay later.
Yeah - I think my mediocre time at LSF had more to do with me than the band. As for Blowoff, I need to get my lazy ass moving a little faster on Saturday nights, so I can get there earlier. Every time I stop in early it's fantastic.
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