Friday, September 08, 2006



Ugh. I can't seem to shake this cold. I actually feel pretty good, except for a few sniffles. That, and this damn frog in my throat that makes me sound like Carol Schwartz. Unfortunately, it looks like I may have passed my cold on to Dinger. Sorry about that.

Frog or not - I did manage to make it to The Black Cat to catch Radio Birdman the other night. Being that they haven't ever played the U.S. in their 32 years of existence, I wasn't going to miss it. Holy cow were they great. They hit the stage blazing and never let up. At times sounding like pre-Goth Damned, other times channeling The Stooges (quite literally, with a "Search and Destroy" encore) they just tore the place apart. I know the tour is almost over, but if you get a chance - you should definitely check them out.

Despite the fact that it was criminally undersold, this may have been the smokiest show I've ever seen at The Cat. Maybe the Afrin was making me hypersensitive to it, but it was almost unbearable. I actually went outside for a few minutes to get away from it. I'd almost swear there were people smoking two cigarettes at once. Blech.

The Frog is causing me to skip the WSC/Dance Party show at Iota tonight. You should go though. It's gonna be dance-tastic.

Nobody bothers me
Nobody bothers me
Nobody bothers me eitheeeeeeer!

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