Saturday, September 06, 2008



9/4/99 - R.E.M. @ Jones Beach. 2nd row, but a bit off to the right. Very close to Peter though, which is always fun. My first time at Jones Beach. Great venue, but no beer? at all? really? hrmph. Anyway... They were touring for Up, which I pretty much hated at the time. As the tour went on though, it because apparent that it wasn't the songs that were bad - it was just a very dull record. They rocked them up a bit live and turned out shows that didn't disappoint at all. Pretty standard setlist for this tour. We got a verse of The Velvet Underground's "Jesus" which segued into "New Test Leper", one of Dinger's faves. ...Michael and Mike had a little kiss at the end of "Why Not Smile"... The highlight of this show was when Patti Smith walked on stage and joined them on "E-Bow The Letter". Wow. 2nd row and a few feet from Michael and Patti singing together. F-cking amazing. Yeah - This one gets two thumbs up. After the show we drove down to Philly for the next show. I seem to recall finding a hotel reeeaallly late and Dinger getting all snippy with me - lol.

9/4/04 - Cake @ Merriweather. Despite to $15 fee printed on the ticket, it was only $10, if you bought tickets ahead of time. Old review here. I love Cake. The horns give them this slightly twisted, almost Latin sound to them. Tons of fun. I wish they'd come back soon.

9/4/07 - ummm...Note the unused ticket. Yeah - I skipped The Editors show. Instead I went to see:

9/4/07 - The Hoodoo Gurus at The Black Cat. Old review here. I love love love The Hoodoo Gurus. We listened to them constantly in college. They never play the US anymore, so there was no way I was going to miss them. They didn't disappoint. Great show. Fake Accents opened. Until I re-read my old review, I forgot how loud they were. That's a shame, because I like everything I've heard by them since. Oh well.... Oh - Fake Accents are now called Face Accidents. Not sure why.

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