Sunday, September 05, 2004



What a great weekend for shows. Caught The Phobes and The High Dials at The Black Cat the other night. I admit to being a bit confused about which band was on first. The Cat's website implied The High Dials were opening. Turns out The Phobes were on first. I didn't even notice until The Phobes were well into their set and played the only song of theirs that I knew (Poverty Jetset). Duh. I don't feel too bad though. Afterall, for some reason The Phobes were playing The High Dials' drum kit (complete with their logo on the bass). Both bands were terrific. I've never seen a garage-rock-type band with a sitar before. Somehow, it worked quite well. The bass player for The Phobes gave me a free CD after the show. Free is always good. This was my first backstage show at The Black Cat. Very cool space, but I'm glad I'm tall.

Friday was Metropolitan on The Black Cat's mainstage. I like this band more and more every time I see them. Great set, including an unexpected encore of The Cars' "Just What I Needed". BF went with me to this one. Fun was had by all. I was surprised how few people were there though. Too bad - this band rocks. Clark Sabine was great to watch too.

Saturday was Cake at Merriweather. BF's comment: "Did we miss the Cake Revolution or something?" This show is part of the Sessions at Merriweather series. A bunch of cheap ($10 in advance) general admission Saturday shows. We were expecting a nice, relaxing, afternoon show, with maybe as many as 1,000 people. Boy were we surprised. By the time Cake came on stage (we weren't expecting three opening bands) there had to be 5,000 people there. The center part of the pavilion looked pretty full and there was a sizeable crowd on the lawn. The crowd knew every word to the songs and cheered the band like they were the Beatles. Who knew Cake was so big? Didn't they play 9:30 like a year ago? Anyway - Cake put on a fine show. New record coming out next month. They suggest buying it from their website ("$18 for a CD? No wonder people steal music. Buy it from our website for $12.") OK - I paraphrased that, but that's basically what the singer said last night.

May go to Taint tonight. Never been there. Bob recommends it. Could be fun. The whole "queer boys and girls" advertising makes me feel like I may be the oldest person there. haha - I guess we'll find out.

It's so much better on holiday.

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