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9/18/93 - Grateful Dead @ Madison Square Garden - New York, NY

Another old Usenet review I wrote shortly after this show:

Security seemed a little tighter this night. They barely looked at my ticket
on Friday, but on Saturday they had two different people verify my ticket on
the way in. (I had TicketMaster both nights). The person right in front of me
in line got turned away for a having a fake ticket. Of course once I was
inside, no one ever asked to see my ticket again. :-)

This show was much better, in my opinion. 1/2 Step was terrific. It even had a
nice little jam at the end. Rooster, which I usually don't like much, was the
best I've seen in a long time. I'll take Althea any day. I was surprised to
hear it since the just played it on Thursday. Masterpiece was very nice,
especially when Jerry came in with the harmonies at the end. Cassidy started
off great, then stumbled a little, but picked up again at the end. Lucy was
just ok, but not great. I was surprised they ended with this. I thought for
sure they'd play Music Never Stopped, or some other Bob tune. Oh well. Still a
great set. Set 2 - Iko was pretty good. Victim was _really_ good. I used to
hate this song, but it's really been growing on me lately. It started with the
just the drummers, while Bob was playing with his knobs. After a minute or so,
the rest of the band slowly joined in, sort of melting into the song. UJB was
great. The crowd was really into it. As for Corina, well, I went to the
bathroom and missed most of it. Drums/Space was terrific. Bill was going off
by himself and Mickey snuck up behind him and started doing this weird dance,
flapping his arms around like he was a bird or something. Pretty funny. Space
was loud and scary, the way a good Space should be. Wheel was good. Watchtower
rocked! China Doll was absolutely beautiful. Very nice. Saturday Night was no
surprise, but it had a lot of energy and the crowd loved it. I was expecting
Lucy in the Sky... for the encore, but was pleasantly surprised with my first
Gloria. What a great song! Plenty of room for Bob's "rock star" schtick, plus
great playing. A great way to end my set of shows. Highlights: GLORIA!, China
Doll, Victim, Drums/Space.

The Garden is a great venue. I'll gladly go back anytime. If only the Cap.
Ctr. (aka USAir Arena) could be so nice.

I had a much better time this night than the night before. This was the only time I ever got to see "Gloria". They only played it one more time - in 1995.

9/18/98 - Pearl Jam @ Merriweather

We got tickets via a ticket-drop a few days before the show. I somehow ended up with an extra ticket for this, even though we got them so late. I remember some dude giving me grief for trying to sell my ticket for $30, when the face value was $23. ummm...The extra charges listed on the ticket actually put the face value at $28.25. And that didn't include the ProTix charges, which were something like $5. So I'm getting grief from some dude for selling my $33 ticket for $30. Dick.

Typically fantastic PJ show. Almost a "greatest hits" gig: "Animal", "Corduroy", "Alive", "Yellow Ledbetter", "Elderly Woman...", "Jeremy", etc. Yowza. Dinger became a fan-for-life at this show. Can't say I blame him.

9/18/2000 - Dickey Betts Band @ 9:30.

Dickey had been booted from the Allmans, so we decided to see him solo whenever we got the chance. I'm not sure what they were thinking, but Dickey was on fire. Maybe we were just getting lucky and seeing him when he was "on", but around this time he was sounding fantastic to us. Dinger still refuses to see The Allmans without him. I recently came across an unlabeled cd in my basement with a Dickey show on it. I'm pretty sure it's this one.

9/18/08 - Faraquet/Statehood/Red Tag Rummage Sale

Ummm...So I actually didn't get to see the big Faraquet reunion. See my other post about why I had to leave this show early. Bummer. I'd been looking forward to this one for a while. I thought Red Tag Rummage Sale was kind of annoying, but that may have been because I was stuck behind that stupid pillar and couldn't see them very well. I'll put that on me rather than them, although I'm not terribly inclined to seek out any of their stuff. Statehood was fantastic, as usual, despite some technical difficulties. At least for the 3 songs I got to see before I had to run out. Overall bummer of a night, though no fault of the bands. At least it was only $8.

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