Monday, September 02, 2013


RIP Josh


(Photo by Sora Devore/Washington Post )

I don't have any terribly compelling stories about Josh - just hundreds of random, tiny moments. 

He "knew" me via the forum on the 9:30 Club website, so for a while whenever I'd see him at the club, I made it a point to introduce myself as my nickname over there.  After the first few times, he would see me coming and say "I know who you are!"

When I was apprehensive about getting my first tattoo, he was the guy I went to for advice and recommendations, which he happily provided.  

We shared the same "secret" free parking area near our local Metro station. 

He and my husband always talked about hockey whenever they crossed paths.

If you spent more than 10 minutes in the DC music scene - you knew who Josh was.  If you were around longer than that, you knew he was just a very approachable, super-nice guy.  We probably crossed paths 100+ times.  We were never anything more than very casual acquaintances, but I'm really going to miss him a lot.

RIP, Josh.

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