Wednesday, February 17, 2010


2/16/89 They Might Be Giants @ 9:30 Club - Washington, DC

I think They Might Be Giants is one of those bands that everyone goes through a phase with, then eventually grows out of. I discovered them in college - as I imagine everyone does. They were quirky, funny and just odd enough that they could stay in the "alternative" realm - whatever that means. I remember buying their first cd when it came out. I used to call their dial-a-song hotline a couple times a week. I thought "We're The Replacements" was hilarious. "Don't Let's Start" is still catchy as hell. By the time this show came around I had discovered The Grateful Dead and was generally preoccupied with them. Still - It was a quick way to flashback to college for a couple hours, so we went to the show. It was fun, but the songs didn't seem as clever, the music seemed pretty tame now and I felt a bit old in the crowd. The show was fine, but I realized that I had grown out of TMBG. I haven't paid much attention to them since. They're still around though. I never would have guessed that to be the case, 20+ years later.

2/14/93 Inspiral Carpets @ 9:30 Club - Washington, DC

I went to this one with my then-boyfriend. He wanted to go, so I went along. All I remember is that I hated it and wanted it to end. Just not my thing at all. I just didn't get that whole Manchester thing. (shrug)

2/19/96 The Next Step @ The Bayou - Washington, DC

The Next Step were a local Grateful Dead cover band. At least I think they were local. Anyway - they had some kind of Mardi Gras party at the Bayou, so I went with this really cute guy. We had met at a bar a couple days prior and this was our very first "real" date. 14 years later, we're still together. In fact - today is our anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Baby.

2/21/03 Mission Of Burma/Oxes @ 9:30 Club - Washington, DC

The return of Mission of Burma. I never saw them back in the day, so I wasn't about to miss this. Oxes opened. As I recall they're an instrumental band from Baltimore. I recall thinking they were really good, but I don't think I've heard anything from them since. Too bad. I'd definitely check them out again, simply on that vague memory.

Burma was really good. My knowledge of them had been limited to that Ryko compilation that came out many years ago. They played enough from that to keep me happy. I'm not sure if it was them or me, but I didn't really "get it" this night. I thought the show was fine and I was very glad I went, but I just didn't see the fire that so many reviews of their past seemed to rave about. I left thinking they were a really good band, who were doing a respectable job of a comeback tour.

Of course, they're still around and now they tend to blow the roof off of everywhere they play. I'm glad I gave them another chance after this show, because I certainly "get it" now. They're an amazing live band. In fact - I'm going to see them on Saturday. You should go, too.

There's a lot more to come for February. One week where I saw 6 shows in a row and a ton of Dead shows from various trips to Oakland. I'll try to spread those out over the next couple weeks.

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