Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Jay Reatard - R.I.P.

Jay Reatard was found dead today. Only 29 years old. How sad.

I got to see Jay twice in 2007. Once opening for The Ponys on the Backstage and once opening for The Meat Puppets on the Mainstage (both at The Black Cat). He was incredible. His music came in these short, manic bursts of energy that were hard to keep up with, yet his band was nice and tight. Each song was a little snapshot of controlled chaos. Rarely 2 minutes long and only enough time after one song to count-off the next one. He could zip through a dozen songs in 20-25 minutes, easily. His Blood Visions album is one of my favorites of the last few years. Highly recommended. Go buy it and see what you missed.

And he played a Flying-V. How cool is that?

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