Sunday, May 17, 2009



I think I've finally caught my breath. Here's what I was up to last week.

5/11/09 - Leonard Cohen @ Merriweather Post Pavilion - Columbia, MD

I'll admit that I had heard more about Leonard Cohen than I had actually heard his music. But everyone was peeing themselves over this tour, so I figured I'd check it out. Ummm...yeah. Wow. Is it too early to declare this "Show of the Year"? He just has this amazing presence that's just mesmerizing. That voice - so low and commanding of your attention. Lyrics that are poetic, charming, funny and powerful. He's one of those people that now I'm familiar with his music, I hear his influence everywhere. Simply a fantastic show. Run, don't walk to this one - if it's not too late.

My only complaint was that it was a tiny bit too long. The time just flew by and it was all wonderful, but he played like 7 encore songs - including skipping off the stage at least 3 times and each song being followed by a lengthy standing ovation. It's 50 degrees, pouring down rain and you've been playing for nearly 3 hours. Nobody really wants to hear anything with a bass solo and there's no need to introduce every member of the band for a second time. But, really, the show was fantastic. Believe the hype.

5/12/09 - The Damned/The Bellrays @ The Black Cat - Washington, DC

The Bellrays should be the biggest plan on the planet. It's like if Tina Turner was fronting the MC5. They never disappoint. Check this out.

The Damned are down to Captain Sensible and Dave Vanian these says, but they can still bring it. "Anti-Pope" was pretty impressive. Does it really get any better than "Jet Boy, Jet Girl" followed by "Smash It Up?" Awesome. "Alone Again Or" was a great surprise. The band may not be all they used to be, but they still put on a fun show. The double-bill made for a great night out.

5/13/09 - The B-52's @ Rams Head Live - Baltimore, MD

If you don't like the B-52's, you're no fun. Period. Yeah - Their shows never really change much. You always know what you're gonna get. But it's always a blast. Tonight was no exception. We ended up about 8 feet from the left corner of the stage, providing a great view of Cindy. Dinger took a ton of pics. Cindy was acting like quite the vixen - flirting with everyone in her sexy push-up vinyl outfit. Fred was Fred. He forgot the words to "Love Shack" at one point He looked embarrassed as hell. Probably the only time I've ever seen Fred look humbled. The show was a non-stop party - as usual. I never get tired of them. I'll go see them every chance I get. We met up with Bubala and Mumi at the show. They got married this weekend! Congrats guys!

5/14/09 The Shins @ 9:30 Club

The Shins had a few tough shows to follow. To be honest - they didn't hold up. The club was packed and the A/C was off. Hotter than hell. The Shins sounded ok, but they were really nothing special. I wish they had played more from Chutes Too Narrow. They weren't bad by any stretch. They just weren't terribly engaging. Based on the number of people who were chatting their way through the entire show, I'd say they probably agreed. I had similar thoughts when I saw them at The Black Cat a few years back. I think maybe The Shins are just a good band who makes great albums. Their live show just doesn't hold up to those records.

Saturday found us at Blowoff. I think the rain kept all but the faithful away, but it made for fun crowd and a great night. Thanks to Bob, Rich and Nick for another fun time.

Things aren't quite so hectic this week. Springsteen tomorrow and Edie Sedgwick/Olivia and the Mates on Tuesday. I think that's it. Daddy needs some rest.

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