Tuesday, April 28, 2009



I wasn't really planning on jumping in with old shows, but there were some good ones on this date.

4/28/86 - Black Flag/Gone/Painted Willie HUB Ballroom - Penn State - University Park, PA.

What a godsend this show was. We didn't get many punk shows in rural PA in the mid-80s - much less punk legends like Black Flag. The HUB was our student union. The ballroom just a big empty room. Probably a couple hundred people there.

The day started out with both Gone and Painted Willie playing at City Lights - a local record store. I seem to remember liking Painted Willie better than Gone, but I don't think I've heard much from either band since, so I wouldn't put much faith in that opinion. Greg Ginn was also in Gone. I managed to get him to autograph my Jealous Again EP.

This was one of Black Flag's final shows. They were done a few months later. Their final phase was filled with heavy, darker music. Kind of like Black Sabbath on speed. They didn't disappoint though. What a powerful band. Ginn is just an insane player. Henry Rollins is still one of the most intense performers out there. I only got to see them twice. I should have tried harder.

The only mention of this show in Get In The Van is from the 4-30-86 entry. Henry mentions that he got bit by a spider after the Penn State show and his foot swelled to the size of a potato. Sorry about that. Welcome to Pennsylvania. Even the list of shows in the back of the book mistakenly places this show in Pittsburgh. hrmph.

4/28/97 - George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars @ 9:30 Club - Washington, DC

The P-Funk shows all blend together. They were good. They were funky. There was a dude in a diaper. About 3 hours of non-stop fun. Ain't no party like a P-Funk party. I think it's time I go see them again. It's been a while. Everybody should see them at least once.

4/28/07 - Dismemberment Plan/Beauty Pill/Owls and Crows @ The Black Cat - Washington, DC

Oh, D-Plan, I love you so. You'll never replace the sentimental value of my beloved Slickee Boys as my favorite DC band, but you're right up there.

This was a reunion show - a benefit for Callum Robbins. I wrote a rather lengthy fan-boy review a while back. I still stand by that. The recording I got holds-up pretty well. One of my all-time favorite shows.

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