Saturday, December 06, 2008


Random Stuff

This concert review stuff was originally an idea to force me to blog every day. It's a lot more work than I expected. I thought I could easily pull off one quick post a day, but for days that had 3+ shows, it's more like writing 3+ posts a day - all rolled into one. Now I'm way behind. Oh well. It's kinda fun going back in time, even if I don't always remember much. Maybe I'll catch up over the holidays.

There's a big R.E.M. tribute happening in March. At Carnegie Hall, no less. Bob Mould, Patti Smith, Throwing Muses, The Feelies (!), The dB's (!!) and a bunch of other folks will be playing. My guess is that R.E.M. will be there, but they won't play. I went ahead and bought tickets last week. The VIP tickets were a little steep, but I got great average-Joe tickets. It sucks that it's on a Wednesday though. The things I do for them... shhhh... I haven't told Don yet.

I just signed-up on Facebook. Welcome to 2005. I'm trying hard not to be that guy that sends messages to people he hasn't seen in 20+ years. No guarantees though. It's amazing how many people have the same name. Now that I've joined, I officially declare Facebook to be over.

Upcoming stuff...The Damned at The Black Cat. I can't wait for this one. I hope The Captain wears his pink fuzzy pants. The Slickee Boys are doing their annual end of the year reunion gigs - one at The Surf Club and one at The Ottobar. I plan on hitting both.

Tonight I'm planning on finally seeing 7 Door Sedan at The Velvet Lounge. It's only taken me about a year. Pup Tent and The Howling Mad are also playing. Great lineup. You should go. I'll probably end up at Nellie's, too, at some point - since it's right across the street.

hmmm....that's it. Move along.

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