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11/6/91 - The Jerry Garcia Band @ The Capital Centre - Landover, MD

I hadn't seen the JGB in a couple years. They didn't play out east all that often. This was the first stop on Jerry's brief east coast tour. Man, I wish I had seen Jerry more often. This show kind of blends together with the show the next night, but there were a couple of interesting things of note here. First - the debut of "Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox - a bouncy little tune that quickly became a favorite. There was also my first "Shining Star" - an absolutely beautiful version. Nice and slow and looong. Wow. But the real highlight of the night was the encore - a cover of Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World." The JGB was kind of famous for rarely playing encores at all. Once the set was over - that's it. So we were pretty happy to have him come back and give us anything. But this It's such a perfect song for Jerry. So sweet and pretty. Perfect for his now aging voice. It's hard to listen to this one without tearing up a bit.

I don't think I ever found a copy of this one. Jerry didn't allow taping, so quality copies were hard to come by. I'd love to track one down.

I: Cats Under The Stars/Stop That Train/You Never Can Tell/Run For The Roses/Simple Twist Of Fate/Breadbox/My Sisters And Brothers/Deal
II: The Way You Do The Things You Do/Waiting For A Miracle/Money Honey/Shining Star/Struggling Man/Don't Let Go/Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
E: What A Wonderful World

11/6/98 Robert Hunter @ Lithuanian Hall - Baltimore, MD

My only real memory of this one was what an odd venue choice it was. It looked like we should have been at a wedding reception or something. There was just an open floor, but there were folding chairs available, so people were just grabbing chairs and setting them up wherever they pleased. So there were people sitting on the floor, some in chairs, some standing right against the stage, some inappropriately dancing all over the place. They were selling drinks off of a folding table in the back. Odd night. Hunter is a lot like modern Dylan. You have to really be in the mood for him and know that his style is very different from they way you're used to hearing his songs. I remember thinking he was pretty good, but the novelty of seeing him was wearing off.

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