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11/2/91 - The Psychedelic Furs @ The Smith Center, GWU - Washington, DC

Were The Furs even putting out records at this point? They were my favorite band in the early 80's, until R.E.M. took over that spot sometime around 1985 or so. Their records were seriously lacking by the late 80's, but I still saw them every chance I got. Mostly out of obligation, I guess. Maybe I was just growing out of them. I remember being bored at this show. I sat in the back of the half-empty arena wondering why I didn't really seem to like them much anymore.

I probably like them more now than I did in the early 90's. And it turns out those late 80's records really weren't all that bad.

11/2/96 - George Clinton & The P-Funk All-Stars @ DAR Constitution Hall - Washington, DC

For a while in the mid-90's I thought P-Funk was the greatest band on the planet. On a good night, they probably were. Great jams and the Funk that was just impossible to stand still for. After a few hours the lights came up and the band kept playing until they got cutoff. I thought that was the coolest. Later I learned that this was just part of their schtick, but it was fun at the time. This show was one of the few times I actually got to see The Mothership in its full glory. Give up the funk.

11/2/2001 Iggy Pop @ 9:30 Club - Washington, DC

I hadn't seen Iggy in about 15 years - not since the Blah Blah Blah tour. Back then I didn't know too much of his material back then, but was pretty much amazed at watching him perform. This time was different. Last time was in a small basketball arena, where he was the opening act and very few people even knew who he was. But this show was in a club - jam-packed with rabid fans that were all craving some Iggy. He did not disappoint. Everyone needs to see Iggy at least once. The man is just amazing to watch. The crowd was just crazy. The show was a mix of solo stuff and a handful of Stooges songs. At some point the stage was completely taken over by the crowd - at Iggy's request. I wasn't expecting that. I was too far back to make my way up there. You can bet I'll be there next time.

Iggy is King.

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