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11/1/2004 - R.E.M. @ DAR Constitution Hall - Washington, DC

R.E.M. in DC the evening before Election Day 2004. They were just here a few weeks earlier on the Vote For Change tour. Everyone was in a great mood. Everyone was optimistic about the election. Surely America wouldn't make the same mistake twice!

Unfortunately, they were touring for Around The Sun - easily my least favorite R.E.M. record. BOOORRIIINNNGGG!!! Yes, the songs sound far better live than on the record, but can only do so much with them. We got to see the first performance of "The Ascent of Man." Cool, I guess. The show was tons of fun though. It's always fun seeing them in DC, because I usually know a bunch of people at the show, rather than being the stranger in town. Nice selection of songs. You can't go wrong when the set includes "These Days", "Cuyahoga", "So. Central Rain", "Life And How To Live It", etc. We even got a brief, sloppy version of Springsteen's "Born To Run." 7th row seats. Thanks, fan club.

Even supporting their worst record, R.E.M. puts on a great show.

Around The Sun / Begin The Begin / These Days / Animal / Boy In The Well / Cuyahoga / High Speed Train / So. Central Rain / Electron Blue / Imitation Of Life / Ascent Of Man / Bad Day / I Wanted To Be Wrong / The One I Love / Final Straw / Losing My Religion / Walk Unafraid / Life and How To Live It

encore: What's The Frequency, Kenneth? / Country Feedback / Leaving New York / Born To Run / Permanent Vacation / I'm Gonna DJ / Man On The Moon

Old post on this one here.

11/ 1/2006 Oxford Collapse/Chin Up Chin Up @ The Black Cat Backstage

I heart Oxford Collapse. I've seen them a few times now and they've never disappointed. Similar in style to We Are Scientists, who they always seem to be on tour with. That makes for a great double-bill. Their music makes me want to jump around. That's always a good thing. Rock music you can dance to. Love it. Plus they always look like they're giving it their all and having a great time doing it. That goes a long way. I recall liking Chin Up Chin Up, but I don't really remember why and I never looked into them any further. Terrible name. At least there are no exclamation points in their name!!!

No stub. They didn't sell Backstage tickets for shows at this point.

11/ 1/2007 Van Halen @ The Verizon Center - Washington, DC


I told myself that if David Lee Roth ever got back together with Van Halen I'd be there, come hell-or-high-water. Of course, I never expected it to happen. Even after it was announced I didn't believe it. Even after I bought tickets I just assumed they'd implode and I'd need a refund. That's happened to me before (I'm looking at you, Courtney.) But Lo, Behold, they actually showed up.

And they f--king rocked.

All the hits. None of that Hagar crap. If these guys hate each other, you'd never know it. DLR is one of the all-time great rock frontmen. He's all about the show. I forgot how many great songs they had - and they just kept coming. Great night.

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