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10/31/93 - Jerry Garcia Band @ The Meadowlands - East Rutherford, NJ

A friend of mine got married on 10/30 in Reading, PA - my tour buddy Steve's hometown. We drove up there for the wedding and crashed at his parents' place. The next morning we got up bright and early and headed for NYC. We parked the car in The Village and spend the day eating and drinking our way around Manhattan. I was kind of surprised to be approached by kids trick-or-treating in the bars - basically asking for change. At least they had costumes on. Cute. I guess we left around 5:00 or so and headed out to Jersey for the show.

I remember running into my friends David, Barb and Nancy inside. David was dressed as Bullwinkle, Nance as some ghost-like thing.

I didn't get to see the JGB enough. It just never seemed like a priority. Every show I did see was killer, but I always waited for Jerry to come to me rather than go to him. Bad decision. This show was wonderful. Probably the best seats I ever had for a JGB show. We hadn't seen the JGB in a couple years. Every song was a treat. From the rollicking "How Sweet It Is" to the georgeous "Shining Star" and "Lucky Old Sun," to the expected "Werewolves of London" encore, this show was perfect from start to finish. I couldn't wait for next week's show at the Capital Centre.

We had to work the next day, so after the show we bolted to the car, ready to jump on the Turnpike for the mad dash home. It was a little chilly, so I went into the trunk to get our jackets. Much to my surprise, they were gone. Along with our bags of clothes, my suit I brought for the wedding, my toolbox - everything. Gone. Someone stole it all. Dammit. A closer look showed that someone had damaged (but didn't break) the lock to my trunk. My guess is that people saw us park in Manhattan, watched us load everything into the trunk and broke-in after we left. Crappy way to spend an otherwise awesome weekend.

I: How Sweet It Is, He Ain't Give You None, Forever Young, Run For The Roses, Money Honey, Lay Down Sally, My Sisters And Brothers, Deal
II: Shining Star, The Maker, Tore Up Over You, Wonderful World, Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox, Lucky Old Sun, Midnight Moonlight
E: Werewolves of London

10/31/03 The Phobes/The Whips/Washington Social Club @ The Black Cat - Washington, DC

I may actually have these in reverse order. I don't really remember. I can't remember if I primarily went to this show to see The Phobes or WSC. I had never seen any of them before. All I know is I came away really liking The Phobes, but I totally fell in love with WSC. I think Olivia was dressed as an angel. She was definitely wearing wings. She looked cute as hell jumping around, totally rocking-out with these wings flapping around on her back. They barely survived the set. One of the other guys was dressed as a devil, I think. They put on a helluva show for a not-too-full Black Cat. Dinger and I became instant fans and tried to see them every chance we got over the next few years. It was interesting to watch them and their audience grow over those few years. I wish I had the stub from this one.

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