Monday, November 17, 2008



Nothing on 10/27. What's up with that?

10/28/05 - The Fleshtones/The Kissers @ Iota - Arlington, VA

I hate Iota. The stage is about 5-inches tall (is there even a stage? I can't remember). There's a divider in the middle of the room that blocks your view unless you're 2 feet from the stage or way off to the right. They allow smoking. They don't do advance tickets, so you need to get there really early to get in for anyone with any name recognition. It's in Virginia. I hate Virginia, too. So if I make the effort to go to Iota, you know it's a can't-miss show for me.

The Fleshtones are consistently one of the best rock and roll bands out there. Even in the small, stuffy room that is Iota, The Fleshtones are dancing in the middle of the crowd, standing on the soundboard and eventually ending up jumping around on the bar - all while totally rocking out. It's a non-stop party. They've got that mid-60's garage rock sound, with a slight 80's punk ethos about them. It's criminal that their record Hexbreaker never made it to cd.

Oh - You old folks may recognize their singer, Peter Zaremba, as the host of MTV's really old, but super-awesome show The Cutting Edge.

I just noticed they release a Xmas record this year called Stocking Stuffer. I need to get on that one ASAP.

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