Monday, November 17, 2008



10/25/05 - Social Distortion @ 9:30

Social D is one of those bands that has been around forever, I had heard about for years, but I never bothered to listen to. The only song of theirs I knew of was "Ball and Chain" and for years I thought that was a lame Replacements track. But a friend of mine is a Social D fanatic, had an extra ticket and pretty much insisted that I go. He made me a compilation CD and I watched Another State Of Mind (one of many of DVDs I've bought and never got around to for years) the week of the show.

It turned into a really fun night. Social D was a good punk band that has turned into a really good rock band - the same way X and The Ramones were really just rock bands at heart. I had a great time and the crowd was really into it. They put on a great, fun show. I can see where they'd be the kind of band that's fun to see on a Saturday night after having a few too many beers. I'm not sure I see why some people are so insane for them, but I'd gladly go see them again.

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