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10/23/03 - Q And Not U/French Toast @ Warehouse Next Door

This was my first time seeing Q And Not U. First time for French Toast. First time at The Warehouse.

I miss the Warehouse Next Door. It was small. Really small. Like seeing a band in your living room small. When it was packed to the gills it held maybe 100 people. French Toast opened. They were a duo back then, playing this weird, experimental, kind of electric-indie-rock-hybrid mix of music. They were just pretty mesmerizing. I picked up their Bugman EP and they became my new favorite local band. For a while anyway.

I didn't really know much about Q And Not U yet. I knew they were local favorites and I had heard a few interesting tracks online. I was debating whether or not to go when an online friend insisted that I go, because I'd never have a chance to see them in a venue this small again. They were correct. I'd love to say that they totally blew me away and it was a life-changing show and I became an instant hardcore fan - but none of that would be true. I thought they were good. Not great, but good. Definitely worth looking into further, but I didn't quite "get it" yet. My loss.

Over time I definitely "got it" though. They were a pretty incredible band. I wish I could go back and see this show again. I'll bet they were actually pretty amazing. I wasn't really a good judge at the time, being so unfamiliar with them. At least I got to see them a handful of times after I fully appreciated them. I hope they eventually come back. I'm not holding my breath though.

No ticket stub. The Warehouse didn't sell advanced tickets. I really liked the Warehouse. DC needs more places like that.

10/23/04 - Death Cab For Cutie/Pretty Girls Make Graves @ 9:30
10/23/05 - Death Cab For Cutie/Stars @ 9:30

Same date two years in a row. Interesting. Anyway - These kind of blend together. I remember thinking Pretty Girls Make Graves were pretty fantastic. I remember thinking Stars didn't live up to the hype. The '04 show was my second show on the Transatlanticism tour. Damn, I love that record. The '05 show was on the Plans tour. There seemed to be a lot more Jennifer-types at the '05 gig. Lots of singing along loudly to the new record. I remember thinking they had already outgrown 9:30 and should be playing bigger halls. I think I was hanging out with Chrisafer at this one.

I heard Q & Not U were pretty shaky live when they first started, but I wanna say they had two records out by '03. So, I dunno...But I do know I love love love PGMG. "Good Health" is a stone cold classic post-hardcore record. So so so good.

- David
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