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10/9/94 - The Grateful Dead - USAir Arena - Landover, MD

The Dead pretty much sucked in 94 and I was almost ready to throw in the towel. Spring '94 was fun, but more for the journey than the music. The music pretty much sucked. I refused to travel for Summer Tour (hitting only RFK) and I would have skipped the Fall Tour altogether, had they not played within a few miles of where I lived.

But they did play nearby and, as usual, they pretty much came through. There's something about the Cap Centre that usually lit a fire under them. This show had possibly the best "Stagger Lee" I got to see. It practically had a jam at the end of it. Nice. "Broken Arrow" - one of the few songs that Phil actually sang well - sounded terrific. I wish they had played that one more. The highlight came post-"Miracle" when Jerry went into "Comes A Time". I had seen them 90-or-so times by this point and had never managed to catch this song. I was thrilled to get it, but to be honest, I thought they rushed through it. "Comes A Time" is one of those songs that should be played reeaaallly slow. I won't say I was disappointed by it, but I think they could have done better. Turns out they would never play it again.

10/9/95 - Blues Traveler @ Nissan Pavilion

I'm not sure exactly why we went to this one. My friend was an intern at WHFS and said he had a bunch of free tickets, but we had to leave NOW. So we all piled into his car and headed to BF Virginia. I remember we were all pretty much trashed by the time we got there. We got there after they already started and left before they finished. We probably saw them for less than an hour.

I don't even like Blues Traveler.

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