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10/6/96 - KISS @ USAir Arena

Yeah - You read that right. The hottest band in the world is back! Mother-f---ing KISS, b-tches! All four original members touring together for the first time in years. No way in hell I was gonna miss this. 4th row right in front of Ace. Suddenly I'm 14 again. Only this time I'm drunk.

KISS puts on the best show in rock. There. I said it. Fire, blood, smoke, costumes (I think from the Love Gun era) and hit after hit after hit. What's not to love? Killer show. I was in heaven.

I couldn't find the exact setlist online , but the basic tour set included everything you'd expect: "Calling Dr. Love," Firehouse," "Rock and Roll All Nite," "Detroit Rock City, "Love Gun" and a bazillion others. A-May-Zing.

Highlights? Everything. The seats. The songs. We made it on the Jumbotron. At one point I remember Gene walking to the front of the stage and telling the people in the first few rows to "Get the f--k up!" But the best part was when they came out for the encore. Ace was drinking something as he walked back onstage and he threw the cup out into the crowd. As Dinger describes it, I "dove for it like a desperate bridesmaid going for the bouquet." Oh really?

Jealous? I thought so.

10/6/05 - Bob Mould @ The Trocadero in Philly.

We're always looking for a good reason to head up to Philly. This one was a no-brainer. For some reason this was the first time I had ever seen Bob with a full band. Waiting that long was a big mistake on my part. I had kind of lost track after Husker Du broke up. Shortly after that happened, I ignored pretty much everything except The Grateful Dead. My loss.

The show was terrific. Old post about it here. The crowd wasn't as packed as the next night in DC. That made it easy to get up close and focus on the music. Perfect. Bob rocks.

10/6/06 - Medications @ The Black Cat

hmmm - I don't remember anything about this one in particular. For a while I was trying to see Medications every chance I got. One of my DC faves. I think technically they're still around, although they're kind of busy being Faraquet right now. They may still be looking for a drummer. If they pop-up again, definitely go see them. You may not get another chance. That reminds me - I need to pick up that new Faraquet comp. No stub. I just paid at the door.

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