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10/4/2002 - The Rolling Stones/The Strokes @ FedEx Field - Landover, MD

$25 to park? Dan Snyder can go f--- himself.

Dinger had never seen The Stones before and I felt the need to rectify that. I went for the semi-cheap seats on the field, but near the back. Excellent. The Strokes sounded fine, but nobody really cared.

The Stones put on a typically amazing show. The video screens were huge and crystal-clear. Very impressive. It turned out they had a tiny stage near the back of the field, where they came out and played a few songs. Our seats were maybe 15-20 feet away from them at that point. Yowza that was nice.

You always know what you're going to get with The Stones - hit after hit after hit. They didn't disappoint. My favorite songs of the night were probably "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'," a cover of Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" (on the small stage in the back) and "Monkey Man" - a song I never expected to hear. They had such a great, extended groove going during "Monkey Man" that a bunch of us ended up in the big open area behind the field seats, dancing our asses off. What a great time. Oh yeah - Keith singing "Happy" was another great moment. More Keith!

Scoff all you want, but nobody puts on a big rock show like The Stones. If they keep playing - I'll keep coming back. Dinger still considers this one of his all-time favorite concerts.

This was the tour where the band would roll into town and sometimes play a few shows. One in a stadium, one in an arena and one in a tiny theater. For some reason DC only got the stadium gig. Figures. I tried to get tickets to see them at The Tower in Philly. I was online with TM at 10:00am. I couldn't believe my luck when I actually managed to pull up tickets in the balcony! I entered all of my info and hit "Submit Order" only to get a message that said I lived outside the geographic area to be eligible to purchase tickets to the show. Dammit! I was pissed for weeks over that.

Anyway - Here's the FedEx setlist.

Brown Sugar
It's Only Rock And Roll
Start Me Up
Tumbling Dice
Don't Stop
Monkey Man
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Can't You Hear Me Knocking
Love Train
Slipping Away
Sympathy For The Devil
You Got Me Rocking
Little Red Rooster
Like A Rolling Stone
Gimme Shelter
Honky Tonk Women
Street Fighting Man
Jumping Jack Flash


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