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10/3/2004 - The Killers/Ambulance Ltd. @ 9:30 Club - Washington, DC

I was pretty enamored with Ambulance Ltd. in the mid-00's. That silky smooth sound was quite endearing, while making me feel that something wasn't quite right beneath the surface. The fact that they reminded me of The Velvet Underground finally made sense when I realize Ocean was a VU cover.

Unfortunately, their only area appearance was a slot opening for The Killers - a band I hated at the time. That "Somebody Told Me" song was seriously getting on my nerves. Ambulance put on a fine show. I wish they had played longer, but they were just the opener, so I couldn't really complain. The Killers were ok, but I quickly grew tired of the sold-out crowd. If you're not really into being there, sold-out 9:30 shows can be a bit unbearable. I left about halfway through The Killers' set.

Full disclosure - I no longer hate The Killers and I totally love "Mr. Brightside" now. My loss for not giving them a bigger chance earlier. Oh well. Meanwhile - Ambulance seems to be on permanent haitus - or else they're just extremely lazy. But who knows - Maybe they're working on another way to release "Heavy Lifting" for the 4th time. hrmph.

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