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10/19/89 - The Grateful Dead @ The Spectrum - Philly, PA

My 17th Dead show in just over a year.

Philly loves them some Grateful Dead. This show started slow. The first 5 songs were either from their mega-hit record In The Dark or from their forthcoming Built To Last record. They sounded ok, but we were ready for some of the classics. "Victim" in the first set was always a drag. I really hated this song at the time - even though the Hampton version had given me a glimmer of hope. Let's get this party started already. Things picked up with "Cumberland" and we were on our way. Love love love that song.

Steve and I decided that for the second set we would just hang out in on the concourse and dance. The Spectrum's floor was perfect for dancing. I guess there were so many years of muck built-in to them that after a while they just became slippery as hell. You had to be careful when walking around, but it was great for spinning around and dancing.

The lights went down and they started tuning. There it was again..."chunk chunka-chunk chunka-chunk...BAM!" "Help On The Way!" The place went nuts. We couldn't believe our luck getting this song yet again. We certainly picked the right time to dance in the hallway. We were quickly joined by dozens of others. The party had started. A typically wonderful 1989 second set. "Estimated," "Eyes," "The Wheel"...awesome. After the "Fantasy>Jude" combo we expected "Lovelight" or "Sugar Mag" to close the set, but Jerry hit a riff that sounded vaguely familiar, but I couldn't place it. Then he starts the opening verse of "Death Don't Have No Mercy" an ancient blues tune that the Dead used to play a lot circa 1969. Everyone ran back inside to listen. This was only the 3rd time they've played it since 1970. The guys traded off verses and pulled it off great. It was one of those "not a chance in hell" songs. They would only play it one more time before retiring it forever. Typically great 1989 evening with the boys.

Hell In A Bucket
West LA Fadeaway
Victim Or The Crime
Built To Last
Blow Away
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Cumberland Blues
Don't Ease Me In

Help On The Way
Franklin's Tower
Estimated Prophet
Eyes of The World
The Wheel
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Hey Jude (finale)
Death Don't Have No Mercy

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

10/19/97 - Ratdog @ The Ballroom - Washington, DC

For those of you that don't know - The Ballroom later became Nation.

This was a good era to see Ratdog. We were starving for anything Dead related and Ratdog was a nice mix of the classics and some new stuff. Rob Wasserman was still in the band at the time. He added a lot that was sorely missed in the later (read: current) incarnations of the band. There were still enough of the Family around that made these shows feel like a homecoming of sorts. I don't remember anything specific about the music from this night, but I always loved seeing The Dog back then.

10/19/2004 - The Libertines @ 9:30

I can't remember if I even had Up The Bracket yet, but there was so much hype around this band, I wasn't going to miss it. I remember having a really good time, but they definitely didn't like up to the hype. They were good - just not OMG-they're-the-best-thing-since-the-Clash good, like they were being hyped. I really do like this band though. I vaguely remember there being lots of room at this show. I thought for sure this one would sellout, but it didn't. I'd love to see them with train-wreck-Pete, but somehow I doubt that's gonna happen.

I somehow managed to lose my copy of Up The Bracket. I have the case, but no disc. I'll bet it's just doubled-up with another disc somewhere. I'll probably find it a week after I finally breakdown and buy another one.

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