Saturday, October 25, 2008



10/12/97 - David Bowie - Capitol Ballroom - Washington, DC

I'll admit this one blurs together with the 1996 show at the same location. This was the Earthling tour. Still not playing many real hits, but enough to keep things interesting. "I'm Afraid of Americans," "Panic In Detroit," "Stay," "Hallo Spaceboy," "All The Young Dudes" and a bunch more. Nice covers of "White Light, White Heat" and "O Superman." There are bootlegs of both of these shows floating around. I should really try to track them down.

David Bowie is one of my musical heroes (no pun intended.) I thought seeing him in a club would be a once in a lifetime chance. To get a second chance just one year after the last time was pretty f--king awesome. This was my last Bowie show until 2004.

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