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9/8/90 - Grateful Dead - Richfield Coliseum - Richfield, OH

This was the second show after keyboardist Brent Mydland died. They replaced him with Vince Welnick - formerly of The Tubes and Todd Rundgren's band. Richfield is just outside of beautiful Cleveland, OH. Kind of a long way to drive for one show, but we wanted to check out Vince ASAP. The venue sucked. The security goons were asses, the venue employees were rude and it was an overall downer of a trip. We vowed to never go back. We didn't. The show itself was decent. Vince did a fine job, considering the amount of material he had to learn in about a month. Hornsby would show up in a few weeks to help Vince ease into things without as much pressure to carry the load alone, but Vince did fine on his own those first few weeks. The crowd cheered him on every chance they got. (That wouldn't last too long...) Standard show for the time - no real surprises. It was weird seeing someone else sitting in Brent's spot. Brent used to have tons of equipment surrounding him. Vince had a couple of standard keyboards, but that's it.

9/8/07 - Washington Social Club - Rock and Roll Hotel

For some reason this show was announced at the last minute. Only a couple days in advance. That lead to a very sparse crowd, but one of my favorite shows by them. One for the faithful. Pics from this show here. I miss these guys. I can't believe they quit without a farewell show. Dinger is still crushed.

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