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9/3/88 - Grateful Dead - Capital Centre. My second Grateful Dead show. This was the one show of he run we didn't have tickets for, but we decided to go anyway. We hung out in the parking lot all day, meeting lots of people and taking in lots of sites that we had missed the day before. Everything was so new. I wanted to experience it all. We spent a fair amount of time hanging with the people we parked next to. As luck would have it, they had an extra ticket. Steve said to go for it - he'd just hang out in the lot. Excellent. I was in.

I somehow managed to lose my ticket shortly after I got inside, so I ended up seat hopping all night. The show was killer. "Franklin's Tower", "Bird Song", "Eyes of the World" and an amazing "Morning Dew" - possibly my favorite version of all of the "Dews" I saw over the years. The highlight, of course, was the "Ripple" encore. They haven't played an electric version of that in 17 years. Yowza. It was supposedly the request from a kid who was part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The next year was the Jerry Garcia Band again - this time up at 9/3/89 - The Spectrum in Philly. Things were a little looser back then. I remember sitting on the floor along the railing in the back - bare feet dangling over the side - while the band just roared. The highlight of this show was the jaw-dropping "Deal" to end the first set. "Deal" was one of the few songs that both the JGB and The Grateful Dead played, but the Garcia Band generally blew away The Dead's versions. This one was an absolute scorcher. I have a fairly crummy audience recording of this one, so I don't listen to it all that much. On the rare occasion that I do listen to it I find myself playing "Deal" about 5 times in a row, then moving on. Garcia was on fire from 88-91. I picked the right time to get on the bus, for sure.

This was the big reunion tour for Bruce and the E St. Band. I had only see Bruce sans-E St., so I was kind of excited for this one. I wasn't familiar with a lot of his stuff other than the hits, so I don't think I got as much out of this as I should have. It was a really fun night, but I was expecting something monumental. I should dig up a recording of this one, now that I'm a little more familiar. The big surprise of this show was the encore. There was some big festival-type-show going on up at Merriweather that night. When that finished up, the whole lot of artists came down and sat in: Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Bruce Hornsby. Not too shabby.

9/3/04 - Metropolitan/The Carribean/Clark Sabine - Black Cat. One of the first times I caught Metropolitan. They were really growing on me. As I recall, Clark Sabine was an absolute weirdo. No ticket stub. I paid at the door.

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