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9/26/03 - Black Cat 10th Anniversary Party

Not to be confused with this year's 15th Anniversary Party.

There were a bunch of bands at this one, but the only ones I caught were 302 Acid, The Aquarium and Gray Matter. All I remember about 302 Acid is that they were mostly electronic music, which isn't really my thing. The Aquarium, however, was fantastic. Just drums and keyboards, creating this mesmerizing wash of sound. They played in front of a big screen showing what appeared to be one of those old instructional movies you might have seen back in middle school. I seem to recall them being all instrumental at the time, but they definitely have vocals these days. Maybe I'm just mis-remembering that part. They definitely left a great impression though. Good band. Always worth seeing them.

The main draw this night was the reunion of Gray Matter. I'm not sure if it was entirely the original line-up (like it was this year), but they were still really good. A short but sweet set from one of my favorite Dischord bands. I remember thinking it wasn't very crowded at this show - unlike the nearly sold-out anniversary show this year. Maybe that's just because I was right up front last time and didn't notice.

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