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9/22/91 - Grateful Dead @ Boston Garden

See my other post about why I have so many unused tickets for this run and why I wasn't into it at all.

I was still pretty much out of it for this show, but I at least I was a little calmer now and could at least pay attention a little. There really was no place I'd rather be than at a show, which was pretty much my home away from home at this point. I was probably better off here than sitting at home alone, waiting to hear something about Mike.

This show also holds up as bring one of the great ones from '91. There were 3 firsts for me tonight: "CC Rider," "It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry" and "Nobody's Fault But Mine". "Firsts" were a rarity at this point. To get 3 in one night was kind of special. The band sounded terrific. It was quite the emotional show for me.

But to be honest - I just wanted it to be over with. The next morning Joby jumped a train to head somewhere for work and I drove home alone. That was fine by me. It was the first chance I had to be alone since all of this went down.

9/22/89 - R.E.M. - Merriweather Post - Columbia, MD

I was broke at the time, having recently spent all of my money on Dead Fall Tour tickets, so I just hung out outside Merriweather until I found someone to sell me a $10 ticket. I wasn't traveling around to see R.E.M. yet, but I wasn't going to miss a chance to see them here at home. This was the 2nd of 3 shows I saw them play in '89.

If you've seen Tourfilm, you have a feel for what the Green tour was like. This show was very similar. We got mostly songs from Green and Document, with a couple from the other records sprinkled about. We were also treated to 2 new songs - "Low" and "Belong". I remember in my notes from the show (yes - I took notes) I thought he was singing "Love, Love, Love" instead of "Low". We also got a rather odd snippet of "Behind Closed Doors" at the very end. It was fairly common for them to throw-in random covers and snippets of other songs back then. I wish they did more of that these days.

9/22/05 - Q And Not U/Supersystem @ The Black Cat - Washington, DC

This was the first of the final Q And Not U shows. I wasn't a huge fan of Q And Not U at first. It took a while for them to grow on me. But once I "got" them - Wow. I was far from the first one to catch onto them, but I feel lucky to have seen them as many times as I did. From the tiny Warehouse Next Door to the biggest Fort Reno show I've seen yet. What a killer band. I wish they'd come back. One of the best shows of a very good year.

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