Sunday, June 08, 2008


Let's Rock

My summer concert season officially begins tonight with Swervedriver @ 9:30.

Death Cab tomorrow.

R.E.M. + The National + Modest Mouse 6 times over the next 2 weeks.

Pearl Jam + Ted Leo + Mission Of Burma + a few more before the month is out.

And that's just June. It's shaping up to be quite the summer. Bring it on.

Holy Crap, you must have spent a small fortune in TicketMaster fees alone! I hope you own some stock in that company.
You're not kidding. Those fees add up pretty quick.
Will be curious to hear if the setlists vary for all those REM shows you have tickets for. The good Lawd certainly gave you a pleasant evening at Merriweather last night. I'm actually more curious how Modest Mouse and The National were(???). I'll be at Merriweather tomorrow night for Robert Plant and Alison Sauerkraut.
I haven't actually gone in to see either opener yet. I've heard Modest Mouse from a distance and I'll just say they're not my thing. I've heard that The National is winning over audiences left and right. I've seen them a couple times in the past. I could easily see that happening. They have a way of pulling people in.
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