Thursday, May 01, 2008


So Let's See...

The Patti Smith movie was awesome. Beautifully done. Not really a documentary or biography, but more of a collection of images, thoughts and scenes from the last 10 years. Highly recommended. It's coming to AFI for Silverdocs. You should go. The Q&A was pretty lame. Patti didn't seem terribly interested and she was kind of rude to Weasel when he tried to move things along - preferring to ask the audience for gum and talk about how much she hates wireless microphones. Anyway - We got 2 songs after the Q&A. "Wing" and "People Have The Power", both featuring her son Jackson on guitar. Excellent.

The B-52's were fan-tas-tic. I ended up getting there a little later than I had hoped, but still ended up about 12 feet back, directly in front of Cindy. The highlights for me were "Give Me Back My Man", "Strobe light" ("Let me kiss your Capital Dome!") and every song that involved Cindy playing bongos. The new stuff fit in very well. My only complaint about the new stuff is that they have to push out old songs to make room for it. No "Dance This Mess Around" or "Quiche Lorraine". Oh well. Great night though. I was sore for days from dancing so much.

The Virgin Mobile Music Festival was announced this week. We're in for Sunday, but probably skipping Saturday. I don't have the patience to sit through the rest of the crap just to get to the Foos. Sunday though - Wow. Stone Temple Pilots, Bob Dylan, Iggy and The Stooges, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Shudder To Think(!), The Go! Team and more. Yowza. I've never been to a real festival before. Should be interesting.

This week....ummm....nothing. I'd like to go see Travis Morrison, but it's not gonna happen. Again.

We're opening the pool this weekend. WOOHOO!

"Don't Take Pills!"
- Fred Schneider

Update: A commenter noted that Patti Smith: Dream of Life isn't eligible to be shown at Silverdocs. I was just going on what the film's website said. So you might be SOL for that.

Hi there, not sure where you got your information, but this film is not coming to SILVERDOCS--which only shows World, North American, US and DC premieres. This film is ineligible to be included in the festival.
I got the info from the film's website here:

Jun 13, 08 - Jun 23, 08
patti smith: Dream of Life Silver Springs
Silver Docs Film Festival, Silver Springs USA
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