Thursday, May 15, 2008



The Rosebuds - Lovely, as always. Started a little slow, but had everyone dancing by the end. I picked up a tour cd, full of b-sides, covers, demos, etc. Complete with handmade cover art. Sold to me by Kelly, herself.

British Sea Power - They were ok. They sounded fine, but dreadfully boring to watch. I loved them last time I saw them in 2004. Maybe it was just me. I left early.

The Cure - Fantastic. 38 songs. Over 3 hours. Perfect mix of hits, album cuts, old and new songs, including the first-time-ever for "The Perfect Boy". "Shake Dog Shake" and "Primary" were perfect. My two favorite Cure songs back-to-back. Excellent. Check out Kyle's pictures over at Pitchfork. Congrats on the byline.

Rustbuckit - Kicked-ass, as expected. The crowd loved them. Anxiously awaiting that cd (ahem...).

The Meatmen - Always classy. Where do you go after the first song involves a 3-ft. inflatable penis? Tesco brought the power, fury and fun. We even got a cover of Fear's "I Love Livin' In The City". It's been a while since I've been to a real punk show. I think I needed that. I think I'm starting to like Baltimore shows better than DC. $3 Natty Bohs, Hon.

Tomorrow - Los Campesinos! with The Aquarium and Pash. Nice triple-bill.

on Saturday. I missed the last one. Looking forward to this.

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