Friday, May 23, 2008


Little America

So, yeah, that band that I kinda-sorta like starts their North American tour tonight. It's R.E.M.'s first real tour in about 4 years. To say I'm a little giddy would be quite the understatement. Why am I not there? Because they're starting things off in friggin' Vancouver. That's a little far for me to go just to be at the opener. I can wait a couple weeks.

Things are shaping up nicely though. I got some time off work. We got our plane tickets for Atlanta a few days ago. Most of my show tickets have arrived. Still not-so-patiently awaiting my Merriweather tickets. I'll feel better when I have those in hand. We still need to figure out some lodging logistics. Dinger is bailing on MSG, so I think I'm just going to take trains from Philly->NYC->DC. Should be interesting.

After seeing these Ebay auctions, I had to run downstairs and make sure Dinger wasn't selling off my record collection. It doesn't look like it, but I'm keeping my eye on things. I have all but 2 or 3 of those records. Unfortunately, I bought most of them pre-Ebay and paid much more than they go for now. Oh well...

Photo of Michael singing Man On The Moon by Anton Corbijn and taken from REMHQ.

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