Tuesday, April 01, 2008


R.E.M. Tickets - Phase 1 Complete

Nothing stresses me out quite like buying concert tickets. Sweaty palms...butterflies in my stomach...the works.

Today was the presale for R.E.M. tickets. It was a mixed bag, to say the least. The surprising ticket limit had me rethinking things at the last minute. I got some great seats (Merriweather/Atlanta), some mediocre seats (Raleigh/MSG) and nothing at all for a couple shows (Philly/Jones Beach). Actually, my Raleigh ticket is really close, it's just off to the side. It might not be too bad. I got greedy at MSG. I had a decent pair about halfway back on the floor, but threw 'em back. The seats just got worse and worse quickly. I ended up buying 2 single seats. One is terrific (11th row!). The other is about halfway back. Sorry, Dinger. I'll try again for Philly/Jones Beach during the regular sale.

Oh yeah - Their new record came out today. Stream it here. I've avoided listening to any of the leaked versions. Quite a few people seemed to have copies. I wonder if it was leaked on purpose. hmmm.... Anyway - I'm listening to it for the first time as I type. So far, so good. SO good. They're definitely rocking again. Thank God.

So it's been a helluva day. New R.E.M. record. Lots of good tickets. I took the morning off work. Chinese food for dinner. Yay for me.

photo by Anton Corbijn. Taken from remhq.com.

Will you be going to the Saul Williams show this Monday?
No - I'm not familiar with Saul Williams.
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