Saturday, April 05, 2008


Phase 3 - Complete

Well, I'm glad that disaster is over with.

TM changed the on-sale time for Jones Beach at the last minute. Literally. At 8:59 they changed the on-sale time from 9:00 to 10:00. Bastards. That meant Philly and Jones Beach were going on sale at the same time. Crap. Dinger and I tried from different computers for each show. Dinger was able to pull me up a ticket at JB in Section D. I was hoping for A, B or C, but I wasn't about to turn that one down. Woohoo! Score. Thanks, D.

Philly continued to suck. Nothing in the Pit. Nothing in the lower level seats. No boxes. No upper level seats. All that was coming up was "Circle" - which is the very, very back of the pavilion, and "Terrace", which are basically uncovered reserved seats at the front of the lawn. Suddenly those upper-levels I threw back earlier this week were looking pretty good. Eventually, even the Circle seats disappeared. Crap.

In the process of all these attempts, I managed to get our computers blocked by TicketMaster. Dammit. I guess we were hitting it too hard. That's happened to me before though. They usually unblock within a day or so. I'll be a bit paranoid until then though. Talk about cutting off my lifeline.

I decided to login at work at try again, just to verify my suspicions about being blocked at home. I got in through work fine. In fact, a couple more Circle seats reappeared. I decided to cut my losses and take them. At this point I'm just glad to get inside. Waaay off to the side. Waaaay in the back. Worst seats of the tour. hrmph.

But at least it's over. I managed to get tickets to 6 shows. The full range of seats - from front-and-center to way in the back/off to the side. That's fair, I guess. A little disappointed, but I can't really complain.

Now I just need to figure out how we're getting to Atlanta. Let's Rock.

As for tonight:

Georgie James/Olivia and the Housemates/Tereu Tereu

Solid, danceable, sweet, pop goodness.

Well, you still got a lot of tickets under your belt; at least it sounds like you do. I've only got 2 shows lined up (both comps) for Berkeley, CA & MPP in Columbia, MD
Last summer I got amazing seats for both Modest Mouse and Wilco by checking a few times daily, starting about 2 weeks before the show. Having once dated someone in the know, that's when they'll start slowly releasing unused promo and press tickets.
Yeah - I do that all the time for local shows. It's a crapshoot though. Since there's travel involved with these, I'm not really willing to risk it.
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