Friday, April 25, 2008


Hero Worship

I'm so excited to see The B-52's tomorrow, I can't see straight. I've got their whole catalog on shuffle and I've been listening all day. I'm worthless at work today (not that anyone is here to notice). It's all I can do to not get up and start dancing around my office.

Tonight will be slightly different though. Thanks to dcist I learned that the Patti Smith documentary Patti Smith: Dream Of Life is playing tonight as part of FilmfestDC. Excellent. Know what's even better? Patti is going to be there, too. I imagine she'll just introduce the film and maybe talk about how it was made (over 10 years in the making - wow). Nice bonus though.

Check the trailer here. God I love her.

But not more than you Cindy. I'll see you tomorrow.

We were there! Did you see us? Right in front of the stage in front of Kate! Great show!
Nope - Didn't see you. I was over in front of Cindy. I planted myself and didn't move all night. I was in my own little world.
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