Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Georgie Jackson and The Housemates

I'm trying to get better about posting show reviews and thoughts within a reasonable time. I also happen to be failing miserably.

A couple weekends ago I caught Georgie James and Olivia and the Housemates at Ye Olde Black Cat. I was pretty excited about this one, having bought tickets weeks in advance. I was determined not to miss it. Maybe I was a little too excited. I don't know....I wasn't really feeling it. What I love about these bands is that they're just fun, bouncy, sugary sweet tunes. I think that's also what killed the show for me.

As much as I like Olivia's new cd, I found myself bored after about 30 minutes. I was ready for them to be done. There was nothing wrong with their performance at all. I just thought it all started to sound the same after a while. Maybe if Dinger hadn't bailed on me, I would have had more fun. I think he's a little mad about the quiet demise of Washington Social Club and didn't want to see Olivia that night.

Georgie James suffered the same fate. It was great for about 30 minutes, but it was all starting to blend together. I didn't even make it through their whole set. I ended up bailing early and heading home. On a Saturday no less. Again - nothing wrong with their performance, but I wasn't feeling it.

I think it's a case off too many sweets. The fun, happy sounds of The Housemates started to wear thin. Then when GJ came on with more of the same, the novelty was even smaller. I'll write this one off as being my problem. Too many sweets turned me a little sour. I love both records (I even bought the new GJ single that night), but the night left me flat. I wouldn't hesitate to see either band again though.

Then there was Joe Jackson. He's touring as a trio these days (piano/drums/bass), which occasionally gives him that Sunday morning jazz brunch kind of sound. That meant fewer rockers, but that was fine by me. I LOVE Joe's slower stuff. What a great songwriter. Give me his stuff over Elvis' any day. Very nice show. The new stuff sounds great. The old stuff sounds even better. The only real surprise was a cover of Bowie's "Scary Monsters". But now that I think about it, he may have done that before, too. hmmm...I forget. All the years combine.... My only complaint about this one would be the chatty crowd. STFU during "Slow Song" for cryin' out loud. Sheesh.

I'm leaving in about an hour to go catch Dead Meadow. I downloaded their new one and like it. I've heard good things about them. We'll see.

9353 is at the Velvet Lounge on Friday. You should go.

I hope the Pope shows up. How cool would it be to see the Popemobile outside of The Cat?

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