Tuesday, March 18, 2008


In Other News....Water Is Still Wet

Did you hear the news today? Michael Stipe comes out in the April Spin Magazine. He's now an official homosexual. Shocker - I know. But good for him. Better late than never.

I know, I know. Worst. Secret. Ever. But, believe it or not, I'll bet there are people who are surprised. Dinger's mom was shocked when she learned Liberace was gay, not too long ago. Really. After working with someone in my office for about 4-years, she finally asked me if I had a girlfriend. Apparently, she never noticed the pictures of my boyfriend on my desk or the HRC sticker on my bulletin board. She ignored the fact that I own a house with another guy and often ended phone conversations with "I love you." It just never occurred to her. Some people just need to be hit over the head with it before they get it.

Good for you, Stipe. When you come to DC, we'll do brunch and talk about Project Runway.

Yay us. Go team.

Liberace was gay? No way! Michael Stipe I knew about.
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