Tuesday, February 12, 2008


There's Gonna Be A Showdown

So I was planning on going to see The New York Dolls in Baltimore tonight. So what if it's barely 32-degrees and pouring down rain. So what if the salt trucks are already lined-up on the side of the road, ready to prevent the inevitable late-night freeze. Big deal if they're telling people to just stay home and keep off the roads tonight.

You're not the boss of me! You can't stop me! I wanna ROCK! I've got a date with David Johansen tonight and I'm not gonna miss it!

Then I got home...got out of my car...took 3 steps....hit a patch of ice and fell flat on my bony ass.

I think I'll stay home after all.

I like the New York Dolls, but am not such a big fan that I even knew they were in B'more. I didn't even know they still performed! This weather took me by surprise. I haven't followed the news, and didn't know a storm was coming. Wise move on staying home. And yes, 'Yo Voted."
I bet the B-W Parkway was like the world's longest skating rink. Good move staying home (and nice blog).
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